Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rome Re-Visited - The Forum and the Colosseum

The visit to Rome last autumn was described in a post here (see December 8, 2009) , but there was no camera to record the visual experience (for the early part of the visit).

So there was obviously something missing in my reports, but then I got smart.

While in Rome, I purchased my first digital camera, and although I was still learning, there are some happy times and pretty special views recorded by the amateur beginner.

So just to have these available, I'm posting ('way out of sequence) some of the photos from my visit to the Forum and the Colosseum, which might be fun for someone else as well. And that's my partner Andrew in the last photo, looking a little frightened by the approach of the dangerous new photographer!

The ones here are just to tempt you to click over to the albums.

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