Sunday, March 11, 2012

Palm Beach in Early Spring

Had occasion to visit Palm Beach and enjoy a little change from New York's winter (although - as I've commented here before - this year's winter has been pretty easy for us, so perhaps a "change" was not so necessary, but it was fun).

A visit to Palm Beach is always special, not only because of the good friends I visit, but just to see such a beautiful little city so well kept and well managed. And the people strolling along the streets are pretty easy on the eye, too.

Since my last visit, Worth Avenue- the city's main shopping street, has had a major makeover. Beautiful new walkways, with crushed shells used in the mortar, producing a nice, soft beige coloring beneath the feet. New palm trees have been installed all up and down the street, and a handsome new clock tower - overlooking the Atlantic - marks the end of the street.

The covered arcades make for a very pleasant walking experience, and off Worth Avenue each of the little streets (which the locals refer to as "vias") provide elegant diversion if you're not necessarily planning on spending time in the major shops. And of these, all the usual grand names are still in place, and many of them have been done over as well, giving the entire street a unified and sparkling, "brand-new" look.

Having fun with the iPad 2, I decided to take advantage of the good camera built in (I don't see how the camera in the iPad 3 can be that much better, as is claimed, but I'm strictly an amateur photographer so perhaps I wouldn't know the difference anyway!). The photos can be seen at 2012.03 Palm Beach.