Monday, May 31, 2010

A Kenya Sunday with Best Friends - Starting with the Elephant Orphanage

I had my first visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on my first week-end in Kenya, when Charles - my new driver - took me there on 15 November 2009. I wrote about the visit here, but I did not alas have a camera at the time.

So for my final Sunday in Kenya - at least for this trip - I planned a very special day for my friends, beginning with a visit to the elephant orphanage. And now I have a camera, so there are photos, which you can see at Mr. Guy's Elephant Orphanage Album.

We had a lovely day planned out, and as you can see from the photographs, the weather cooperated magnificently. It was another of those splendid days in Kenya, when it all comes together: the beauty of the physical landscape, the kindness of the people, the pleasure of being in a distant land with one's best friends there. It's a good life these days.

And those best friends? The folks who have become - over six months - Mr. Guy's boon companions and experience-sharers: Narisa Kamar, employed at the U.N. Library in Nairobi, Geoffrey Opile, who teaches at the Rift Valley Scientific and Technical Institute and also is affiliated with the Information Africa Organization (IAO), Charles Masese, whom I first met and got to know as my driver and who now looks after me in all things Kenyan, and Justin Masese, Charles's son who - as readers of this blog know - is my sort of "official photographer" when we have excursions together.

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