Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bronx Zoo - A Treat for One New York Family

We had an overcast Saturday in July, and we didn't want to travel too far afield, as our friend Nerisa Kamar was with us for a last day.

We asked how she would like to spend her day, since she was ending her three-week stay in America that very day (flying back to Nairobi that evening). Nerisa specifically requested a day with Phyllis (Andrew's mom) and with Andrew and Guy. As with all our family excursions, Gloria - Phyllis's caregiver - liked the idea of coming with us so off we went.

So Andrew and Guy finally got to have our long-postponed visit to the Wildlife Conservation Society (we New Yorkers just call it "The Bronx Zoo"). We love to go there, and hadn't been to the zoo for years, so why not?

Go to Berner-St. Clair Day at the Zoo to see the pictures.