Friday, March 19, 2010

Mt. Diablo

Not to compete with the rock climbing in Hell's Gate in Kenya, there was a
mountain excursion in the San Francisco Bay Area, a leisurely (on a very
cold but beautiful day) to the top of Mt. Diablo.

Very spectacular, and although we drove up the mountain, stopping to see the
views every so often, we saw several people on bicycles and I was impressed.

And even more impressed with I told one of my local friends that we had done
this and she casually remarked that, "oh, yes, we ride our bikes up there
pretty often."

I guess that's California for you. And explains why my friend is so healthy!

The views are spectacular. And while my friends in Kenya will notice some
similarities to what I've seen and shared in that beautiful land, the
terrain is pretty different here. And of course since it is still early in
the year, these Northern California trees are not yet in full leaf (but
perhaps that's even better, since it opens up the view a little more).

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