Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brussels - Geneva - New York - San Francisco (2)

So the connection here is a little stretched, since it has been three weeks
since I left Geneva (and a little more since I left Brussels) but I'll do
what I can.

Back to New York to work at the U.N., catch up with some friends (not too
many - too busy and the time too short), see a show (my favorite Sondheim -
"A Little Night Music" with Angela Lansbury and Catherina Zita-Jones - just
terrific), give a speech (see the SMR International blog), and head out to
San Francisco to work on the West Coast for a while.

And to attend a family wedding (well, extended family, I suppose), which is
my real reason for being in America at this particular time.

As with Brussels, couldn't resist having a few days to play around in the
city, and since San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, capture a few
images to help me remember why I love this place so much.

Interesting - as always - building decorations and of course a couple of
famous landmarks. Washington Square in North Beach is always fun to visit
and photograph and the Sts. Peter and Paul Church offers a uniquely San
Francisco-esque view. Naturally the two towers are fun, seen from everywhere
in the city.

And I have to find my art nouveau wherever I go. In San Francisco it's in
the lobby of my favorite hotel, the Galleria Park, right in the heart of the
city at Sutter and Kearny. Here it is, a mecca for lovers of art nouveau,
even if it is (probably) a modern adaptation. It's still pleasant to look at
and, on a cool San Francisco afternoon, sit in front of and talk about how
lovely it is to be in one of the world's great cities.

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