Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lake Nakuru Safari: The Zebras

As usual, it's hard not to look at these beautiful animals and not think
about anointing them as "my favorites."

But that seems to be something of a theme with Mr. Guy these days, doesn't

While we saw quite a few animals at Lake Nakuru not looking too well-fed,
because of the drought, the zebras seem to be doing fine. I suppose they are
mobile enough to get around to where there is plenty of green grass for them
to graze.

And I never tire of looking at them, always trying to spot them as I'm
riding around on safari. Especially at a distance, the zebras are very
pleasing to the eye.

I didn't know there were two kinds of zebras. Guess I had never paid much
attention to their stripes. The ones at Lake Nakuru are Plains Zebras, with
stripes that reach all the way around to under the animal's belly. The
others are found in the dry regions, and they are known as Grevy's Zebra,
distinguished by narrower stripes and a white belly. So now I know, and I'll
pay more attention when I look at zebras from now on.

Fascinating factoid: the stripes are as unique as the human fingerprint.
Never knew that, did you?

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