Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lake Nakuru Safari: Coke's Hartebeest

Despite the misspelling in the caption (which you might not be able to read anyway), this is really a large antelope known as COKE’S HARTEBEEST. Also called the kongoni, this animal is very beautiful to see from a distance, as I’ve pictured them here. Very slender, and known for having a slender heart-shaped face, the hartebeest (hence the name, from the Dutch) is very graceful and, for all I could see, extremely quiet and unbothered. We spent a long time just sitting in the vehicle looking at these splendid animals grazing on their grass. So peaceful and, well, they kind of made you want to join them (which wouldn’t be the case if there were a hungry big cat anywhere around – but then they wouldn’t be around either, would they?).

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