Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rainy Christmas in Kenya (V)

In fact, it was not until the rains came that we realized it was time to
leave, stopping with the pouring rain behind us for one last Trout Tree
close-up (and, yes, my safari hat has its own silly motto: this one says
"Hakuna matata," Swahili for "Everything's OK - no problem" - an appropriate
tagline for me these days).

Off we went, heading in the general direction of Nanyuki so Mr. Guy would be
photographed at the equator. After all, if I'm living in Equatorial Africa,
shouldn't I have the proof? Fortunately, with this particular roadway not on
the water, I did not have to experience the usual sailor's initiation into
exploration manhood by being thrown into the water!

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