Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rainy Christmas in Kenya (II)

As we approached the Mount Kenya area, we could see just how spectacular this beautiful mountain is. It is the second highest in Africa and topped with snow all year (but sadly - on our rainy Christmas Day - it was shrouded in cloud). While driving through this countryside, I was reminded of where I grew up out in Southwestern Virginia, in the so-called Blue Ridge Mountains and among what we called the “rolling hills” of that part of America. The landscape was very beautiful, and while I won’t admit to a slight case of nostalgia or homesickness, I was pleased to see that with all the rain this lovely part of Africa – so dry and brown last year – was gorgeously green. Everything looked healthy and strong, except for the few small rivers we crossed, which looked very brown and muddy to me.

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DStanley said...

Ah, pictures at last! Great shots! Like the Kingfisher (bird) - Dale