Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Singing

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of good singing, and one of my favorite baritones (for a long time) has been Thomas Hampson.

On Monday night, here in New York WQXR's Jeff Spurgeon hosted a conversation with Hampson. In the program, Hampson shared some of his ideas about the role of music in our lives, especially the high romantic songs of 19th-century favorite composers (including Mr. Guy's particular favorite, Gustav Mahler).

Even more special, Hampson spoke about and sang selections connected with his current focus, American songs. It was truly a splendid hour. Quite properly, even my belowed Ned Rorem was represented, with a lovely Whitman text. I couldn't resist pulling out the sheet music and attempting (only an attempt!) to sing along with this very beautiful song, which was a big part of my repertoire so many years ago.

Thank you to WQXR for making the program available:

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