Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New York, New York - More of Mr. Guy's Neighborhood

The last post described the neighborhood more in terms of ordinary folks, how those of us who aren't so grand live in a nice, relaxed part of Manhattan.

Not far away, though, is a slightly different look at this part of Manhattan, where the skyscrapers - the office buildings - make their mark. We started with the Empire State Building, just a few blocks away. As we head on over toward Park Avenue, still considered - as in times gone by - one of America's elegant avenues, there's lots more to see. And all along, definitely touches of elegant old New York when this part of the city housed some of the grandest families in America.

So the photos this time are not so much of a neighborhood as of the variety of buildings that are all just within a few minutes walk from the front door. Take a look at Mr. Guy's Murray Hill Neighborhood in New York (2) and observe all that we have around us in this part of this great city.

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