Saturday, July 17, 2010

Serendipity - New York Photos

When I'm visiting another country, I'm often asked what New York is "like." So this trip home I've decided to snap some pictures of my neighborhood - and perhaps the larger city as well - to show to my non-American friends and colleagues. I've been fooling around with the camera, trying to line up some photos of New York to share.

And, yes, there are some neighborhood shots I'm kind of pleased with, and I'll get around to posting them one of these days.

But not too soon, for I've found something better.

I just remembered the visit of Martina Reich and Antonio Martin to New York in May, 2008, when they had come for an extended stay for Martina's work and for Antonio to photograph New York. We shared many good times together, and I was delighted recently to receive these photographs from Antonio's very successful exhibition, "Serendipity - New York." And so proud that he took these photographs when he was visiting me!

Take a look. These are fabulous photographs and well worth viewing. Check out that gargoyle on the Chrysler Building in the first photo - just six blocks from my apartment! Or that sunset from Central Park! This is what New York is all about.

Well done, Antonio. Congratulations. These are beautiful pictures for all my friends, and not just my  colleagues beyond our own shores. Thank you.


Tom R. said...

Great pics! New York really is the best city in the world!

Martina said...

Indeed, great photos! And I don't say that because they're my husband's ;-))
We´ll be back in NYC in August this year, for taking more pictures, fun, shopping and - best of all - re-connecting with our friends Guy and Andrew,
un abrazo muy fuerte