Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At Home in Nairobi

Friends keep asking how I live in Nairobi, wondering if I'm still in a hotel
or if the client found accommodations for me.

As it happened, through new friends I made when I came to Nairobi, I was
able to establish a nice bed-sit in a lovely neighborhood, all within good
walking distance of where I work. So I was only in a hotel for a short time.

This is much nicer.

A future message will describe the walk to work, but for now, this is what
our place looks like (I say "our" but of course I'm just a renter - the
house belongs to the very nice couple with whom I live).

And although some of my Kenyan friends keep talking about how smart I would
be to find a piece of piece of land and do a little investment, I don't
think I'm quite at that stage. I'm a New Yorker, and I have to admit, after
being away for three months, well, thoughts of home are very frequent....

Still, it's a beautiful neighborhood, the house is lovely (very cool, which
is nice now that the Kenyan summer is upon us - I'm really feeling that I'm
near the Equator now, not like it was around the holidays). The photo of the
flowers is thrown in to show what the view is from my bedroom window.

And that's typical. There are flowers everywhere. All over the city, in the
countryside, up and down the roads. It's quite spectacular, especially for a
fellow like me who loves color and flowers. It's a combination that can't be

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